And Away We Go…

Back from dinner on Halloween night, we went to bed and my stomach started to rumble. Seriously? I ran to the bathroom reminiscent of the eons of times during my first 19 weeks of pregnancy. They call it morning sickness which is ridiculous since it’s morning, noon, night and all night sickness! My average was 7 times a day. I was actually losing weight…another story for another time.

So here I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and I just got food poisoning? We went out for seafood and of course my luck is I would get sick. I didn’t even make it to the bathroom before I lost it all over the bedroom carpet. I have to say the look on my husband’s face was of pure pity! Then it came again, another round of vomiting.

To be on the safe side Nova called our Doula Lori Bregman. It was around midnight. She asked if I had any other symptoms? Well when you are waddling, feeling like you are carrying around a bowling ball, your back aching and feeling like hell in a handbag — I kind of had to ask myself what else was I feeling?


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I'm 53 and I'm pregnant for the first time. Breaking new ground.

2 thoughts on “And Away We Go…

  1. You are so real and you are not afraid to show who you really are. You are so amazing and you totally Rock for giving birth with no drugs! You are my hero


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