Thrilled that picked up my story!

I could not be happier that my story continues to inspire!   So far my article has been read by people in more than 60 countries…Please enjoy – feel free to share my miracle story and “never say never”.

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I'm 53 and I'm pregnant for the first time. Breaking new ground.

3 thoughts on “Thrilled that picked up my story!

  1. what a wonderful story with a happy ending! Congrats to the three of you. Sky is such a precious baby. Eventhough age is a state of mind….. your look so good!!!! Just looking at the pictures I would have guessed you are in your late 20’s!!!!


    1. Thank you so much Eileen! I have been very busy raising my beautiful daughter…

      Please stay tuned as I will soon be posting about my anti-aging and rejuvenation tips…AND I use all toxin free products!



  2. Dear Kimberly,

    I read your story in Mamapedia in July. At the moment I thanked you for inspiring me and giving me hopes and courage. At the time, we still had one frozen embryo but after six fertility treatments and two miscarriages, I was more than discouraged to continue.
    Well, after reading your article, I drew hope and faith again from nothing and got our last embryo transferred mid August, and here we are, 47 at the end of this month and one week to four months pregnant expecting a little girl who is DNA normal.
    I can only thank you for writing that article which I am sure has inspired and encouraged many women.
    I wish you every possible blessing, and thank you so much again for your generosity in sharing your story which at least in my case, thousand miles away from you in Uruguay, led me to chase again my most cherished dream: to have my own family.

    Lots of love,



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