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  1. Hi Kimberly! My name is Holly Golden, and I’m a development executive with Collins Avenue Productions (collinsave.com) in LA. Just discovered your incredibly inspiring story!! Are you interested in exploring the possibility of an unscripted show? Are you already working with anyone? Let me know! hgolden@collinsave.com, 917-716-1083 (c) 323-452-7049. Best, Holly


  2. Dear Kim, I have only learned of you today. Oh Joy! I too had a baby late in life. My one and only Luca, exactly 4 months before I turned 50. I am now 57. I live in Los Angeles. Would love to meet up with you and share. We have many similar experiences. I married at 42, and on my 49th birthday found out I was pregnant…. The old fashioned way – Chilean Red Wine! We are soul sisters. Enjoy your little muffin every single minute, before you know it, she’ll be in college! Kimm Baersch mom of Luca Devotto kbaersch@gmail.com


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