7 thoughts on “My Story Featured on Conde Nast – The Scene

  1. Thank so much for this articles. I’m glad I’m not as alone. I’m 52 and looking for a surrogate. I’m not able to carry a baby. a lot of people my age already have grown children and they all think I’m crazy.


    1. Dawn,

      You are NOT crazy! You are meant to be a mother, no matter how your child comes to you…have faith and know that things don’t always happen in your time, but when the Universe is ready for you to receive the gift…keep the faith and don’t lose hope!

      big o,K


  2. Hi Kimberley it is so nice to watch your video. I am wanting to pursue ivf at 49. My current partner has gone cold on me so I will need to look at donor egg and donor sperm. I feel that I have enough love to raise the child alone. Although I would have wanted it with him. I have come across a company called Redia ivf that offer unlimited ivf over 2 years in Spain for £16000. It may sound a lot but in case it doesn’t work then I will get my money back and try again. If it does work then I would just write the money off. What do you think? I have not been able to talk to anyone about it.


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