Just Weeks Away…

Yesterday I saw my OB. OK – I do live in LA and was a television producer for many years, so it’s never surprising when I walk into to the waiting room and there is a Kardashian or two or an Academy Award winning actress reading a magazine and/or texting furiously.

He is so popular because he actually cares and gives everyone the time they need. He is a gentle soul, an absent minded professor, like a pilot helping you to fly your plane into unchartered territory. No one gets star status with him, no matter how famous they are. There is no secret back door entrance. Everyone has to wait their turn.

He tells me I’ve beaten all the odds. There are a slew of complications that can potentially occur when you are 53 and pregnant. But he tells me: No Gestational Diabetes, No Toxemia, No Strep, No High Blood Pressure which can lead to Preclampsia, which is life threatening to both mother and baby. What a relief!

As a matter of fact I am his oldest pregnant patient. I constantly tease him about it and he tells me I have started a trend. He recently has taken on two other expectant mothers over 50. Women who either had big careers, weren’t ready for motherhood or had finally met their life partner and were now ready.

Have I just been lucky? Possibly, but more likely it’s because I have really worked at it.

When I look back at the years of work it took to reach this pivotal moment – what has been the most important?

  • Having faith, laughter, and eating as much organic and GMO free foods I can to keep my body clean and healthy.
  • Choosing the right supplements, prenatal massage, acupuncture, and surrounding myself with loving positive people have all been key.
  • Talking to my baby, soothing myself whenever I would feel fearful.
  • Putting myself in a positive bubble, staying away from negativity online.

I couldn’t be further away from a red carpet today, but my daughter’s big debut is so much bigger than any movie opening.

I feel her inside me everyday. She is on her way — only weeks from now! This is the greatest and most surreal experience of my life.

Sometimes I feel her little toes tickling my side and I light up in joy.  There is no doubt that my age, life experience and wisdom help me to appreciate the miracle that is growing inside me. There is a human being in there!

And to be honest, I am certain my age and experience will help me to be a better parent. Age is an asset! The richness and appreciation is with me everyday.

How fortunate in my lifetime that modern medicine and ancient faith have come together to manifest the miracle of my life…I can’t wait to meet you little Sky Tara!

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I'm 53 and I'm pregnant for the first time. Breaking new ground.

8 thoughts on “Just Weeks Away…

  1. Foof you did it! Love hearing your voice come through the written word. And who are you kidding you are a star!!! Thanks for the daily inspiration.


  2. You are an inspiration to so many women, not only those wanting to get pregnant in later years but anywhere we feel called to break new ground. Thank you!!
    Also wonderful that you are putting yourself out into the www!
    A big bow, Cyntha


  3. Dear Kim,
    We havent seen each other in a long time. You may or may not know that I had my daughter Caroline when I was 48 – after my long career as a television producer. Like you, I either wasn’t ready, too involved with my work or hadn’t met the love of my life (all of the above!). But like you, I dove headlong into what turned out to be a blissful pregnancy and my daughter – who will turn 15 next month – is by far the greatest achievement of my life. In fact, even though I have a new, extremely satisfying career, my daughter is my life. I sense that you will feel the same way. I’m so happy for you. Roni


    1. Kim! Such heart felt and soulful writing. As you know, I had my first at 45 and am pregnant with #2 at 48. It is the greatest blessing of my life and, like you, am so grateful to both amazing advances in medical science and shifts in social norms that make all of this possible. I feel so blessed to have had both the career of my dreams and children. How wonderful to have a space on the web to share our stories and encourage each other. Your fellow kindred spirit, Lauren

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